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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  July 9, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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that's what i hear. that's the rumor. >> steal my thunder with weather today. >> sorry about captioning funded by cbs good morning to our viewers in the west. it is thursday july 9th 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." >> history is made in south carolina. the lurthegislature voteds to bring down the confederate flag. sudden shutdowns hit the new york stock exchange and united airlines. >> and a massive drug bust turns the government into a discount bridal boutique. we begin with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in nunt90 seconds. >> the people have demanded this symbol of hate come off the state house grounds.
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>> south carolina's house approves the removal of the confederate flag. >> we can be happy we no longer have a symbol of division on our state house grounds. a computer glitch affecting one of the biggest airlines and the stock exchange. the problems weren't connected. >> in my business you don't love coincidences but it does not appear there's a connection. epic fluctuateuation causing investor panic. abruptly fired amid a spike in crime. a rioting broke out when a man died in police custody. pilots were forced to abort takeoff after an engine caught fire. you don't even know what you're talking about. >> donald trump hits back. >> she was the worst secretary of state in the history of the united states. >> a father and his daughter caught in a dangerous rip
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current. luckily they were both able to escape. >> recovering after a tornado dropped flames and debris. >> all that -- >> an 11-year-old girl overcome with gratitude when taylor swift donated $50,000 to help her battle with leukemia. all that matters -- >> steven cobert had fun with wednesday's wall street turmoil. >> worship me you minions of the worldwide wasteland. comic-con. >> the latest on all things entertainment. >> comic-con is the only place you can meet a superhero whose kryptonite is his nut allergy. >> announcer: brought to you by toyota. let's go places. welcome to "cbs this morning."
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charlie rose and gayle king are enjoying some time off. anthony masonita nair are here. the legislatesure passed a bill to remove the confederate battle flag from a place of honor. >> governor nikki haley celebrated after house members voted to lower the flag. omar villafranca is at the state house where the flag could come down later today. >> reporter: good morning. after a long day of debate this confederate battle flag will be removed from state house grounds where it's flown for more than 50 years. a movement sparked by that deadly church shooting has lead to something many thought would never happen. overnight, law marks and advocates emerged victorious after a bill to remove the confederate battle flag was approved. >> i am 44 years old.
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i never thought i'd see this moment. >> reporter: the decision comes after weeks of protests and days of heated debate over the flag's future in the wake of last month's massacre at the emanuel ame chrch. nine people were killed including senator clementa pinckney. >> we cannot be happy that we no longer have a symbol of division standing on our state house grounds. >> reporter: for 14 tense and emotional hours, lawmakers debated. republicans opposed to the flag's removal proposed over 60 amendments meant to slow down any decision. >> history is not always pleasant. history is not always roses. but it's our history. it's our collective history. >> reporter: but each amendment was beaten back by bipartisan support to take down the controversial symbol.
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>> i cannot believe that we do not have the heart in this body to do something meaningful such as take a symbol of hate off these grounds. >> reporter: in a statement, south carolina governor nikki haley applauded the vote. it is a new day in south carolina. a day that truly brings us all together as we continue to heal. >> i think we have a true chance to really go forward in south carolina. >> reporter: south carolina's lieutenant governor still has to sign the bill before it hases to nikki haley's desk. once it's signed the flag has to be removed within 24 hours. >> omar villafranca, thanks. other parts of the state are debating their civil war symbols. one alabama symbol may drop the rebel man, its high school mascot. we'll go there ahead on "cbs this morning."
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a tech failure affecting three major u.s. companies on wednesday was not a coordinated cyberattack. that's what's officials say after a string of problems affecting millions of people. technical glitches grounded dozens of united airlines flights, shut down the new york stock exchange and crashed "the wall street journal" website. jeff glor is at the stock exchange where investors hope for a better day in the market than wednesday. >> reporter: good morning. it was already set to be a rough wednesday here given the debt crisis in greece and the market mess in china. then this glitch hand and the exchange ground to a halt. officials suspended all trading at 11:32 a.m. for nearly four hours the normally raucous floor of the new york stock exchange was quiet. some 700,000 orders in the system had to be cancelled as they worked to fix a technical issue. >> the best thing to protect people is to shut the market down. >> president obama was briefed
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by members of his national security team. >> there's no indication malicious actors are involved in these technology issues. >> reporter: the troubles surfaced just hours after united airlines experienced a network connectivity issue. >> we have a major situation with united airlines. >> at 8:00 a.m. the airline grounded all of its flights after a faulty router knocked out many of its computer systems. the outage affected 4900 aircraft and about 400,000 frustrated passengers. >> they send us over here and this is telling us to go back to the computer check-in. we're just running around in circle. >> reporter: then around noon "the wall street journal's" home page crashed. viewers were directed to another page until it returned. >> three so-called coincidences today. i don't believe in coincidence. i believe it's an event we don't have a reason for.
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>> "the wall street journal" piece is connected to people flooding their website in response to the new york stock exchange. >> most people on wall street took the disruptions in stride. few gave credence to the conspiracy theories that hackers were behind it. >> it's an embarrassment for the institution, but things break and they fixed it and things will break again. >> reporter: united dealt with a different snafu last month that also ground flights. here at the exchange even though halting was traded it dud continue on other exchanges. both companies say there is no indication of a cyberattack and the dow jones is off to a very strong start. >> jeff thank you so much. the computer problems highlight the down side of our dependence on technology. dan ackerman with cnet is with us. a lot of people are saying this is more than a glitch. where is the backup? where is the redundancy. is this a wake-up call? >> it is.
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we spend a lot of time and effort and attention and money protecting against hacking and cyberterror and cyberespionage. but the less glamorous part is the regular everyday i.t. work that keeps these systems up and running that we're so dependent on. three different cases where three different fairly basic bread and butter issues fell down. >> when something like this happens, if you can have internal problems like this, would that make these more vulnerable to external attacks? >> we don't pay enough attention to the internal systems. you can have a router that goes don and they didn't have another piece of hardware. you're down for an hour or so and the airlines are so tightly packed that has a ripple effect around the world. software update overnight. they find problems they have to get the backup and reinstall
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that. >> i read an article where security experts said every company should expect to be compromised. it's how they handle that once it happens. what are hackers capable given all the interconnectivity we talked about? >> if these were malicious attacks they could have gone a lot further. what we've seen of hacking attacks, it's not something you see immediately. things like the sony hack and government personnel files hacked. things that happened months ago that you don't find out for a long time and it drips out piece by piece. if a light switch goes off, that's more likely to be an i.t. issue. >> we're going to have 25 billion devices connected to the internet. how vulnerable are we? >> we're vulnerable to deliberate actions but we're also vulnerable to the systems not working the way they should. they are so complicated. a mix of old and new. just getting everyone in the company on the same operating system is a huge challenge.
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the dow is higher after this morning's open on wall street despite jitters over yesterday's shutdown. chinese police and regulators are cracking down on regulators accused of driving down shares with malicious short selling. seth doane is in beijing where the communist government is treating the turmoil as a major threat. good morning. >> reporter: a bit of good news in china. stocks have rebounded a bit after the government feverishly tried to stem those losses. still about half of all listed companies here in china have suspended trading. that's about $2.8 trillion worth of stock frozen. despite the up swing there were no sighs of relief and no smiles at this beijing trading hall as investors gazed at savings lost or in limbo. this is what everyone is watching. the company's names are in chinese. how they are doing is in this column.
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these patches are green zeros are companies that have suspended trading. china's government has banned major shareholders and executives from selling shares. and a $19 billion market stabilization fund was set up to buy stocks. i would call this a major stock market catastrophe this man told us. we've never seen anything like this. he's a retired electrician we met at this trading hall. here small-time investors buy and sell stocks. more than 80% of the 90 million-plus chinese in the market are average citizens. many here are covering their faces with newspapers and shawls. they don't want to talk. the reasons are quite clear. they simply lost so much money. some tell us they've lost from 30% to 70% of their savings. one man told us his heart was broken. many were urged by the
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government to get into the stock market. peng li shin is retired. >> that is real money. those are real fortunes being lost in there. he believes the government had done all it could to try to stem losses but added it remained to be seen whether it was enough to work. of course that's a view shared by many economists too. >> seth doane, thank you. passengers on a southwest flight arrived in boston after a scary start to their journey. the plane aborted its takeoff after an apparent engine fire. one person captured video of the sparks and flames as the plane sped down the runway. they boarded another flight to boston. jeb bush is clarifying controversial comments about americans and work hours. the republican presidential candidate faced intense criticism from democrats for
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telling a new hampshire newspaper that americans need to work longer hours. critics say it shows he's out of touch. >> in an interview with the union leader wednesday, bush said we have to be more productive. workforce participation has to rise from its all-time modern lows. people need to work longer hours and through their productive ut gain more income for their families. >> you can take it out of context. high-sustained growth means people work 40 hours rather than 30 hours and that by our success, they have money, disposable income for their families to decide how to spend it rather than getting in line and being dependent upon government. >> nearly 7 million americans who work part time should have the opportunity to work more hours. there is a new proposal to enhance end of life treatment for people on medicare. the federal program ensures 55 million americans about 80% of deaths each year come from that group.
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major garrett is at the white house with the plan that would pay doctors for having end of life discussions with their patients. >> reporter: good morning. this move falls into the category of so-called death panels. if medicare reimbursed for end of life discussions pressure to keep government health care costs down could lead bureaucrats to make those decisions or interfere in the decision-making process. washington and oregon allow physician-assisted suicide for terminally ill patients. in this case all these end of life discussions will be voluntary. the goal according to the government is to make these traumatic decisions easier to cope with and reduce costs by giving individuals and families time to plan ahead on drug therapy, hospice options and using extraordinary means to keep a loved one alive. the administration is giving it a new name. medicare will not reimbrs for end of life discussions. instead for advanced care
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planning. >> major, thank you so much. baltimore police have a new leader. the city's mayor fired anthony bass yesterday. they needed a change after a recent spike in homicide. a report blasted the handling of riots sparked by the death of freddie gray. chip reid is outside the baltimore headquarters. >> reporter: commissioner bass had been scheduled to hold a press conference yesterday about that critical review of his department. when the time came he was nowhere in sight and they were directed to the mayor's big announcement. >> this was not an easy decision, but it is one that is in the best interest of the people of baltimore. >> reporter: baltimore maor stephanie rawlings blake praised anthony bass' work but admitted growing questions about his leadership were distracting from the fight against crime. >> too many continue to die on our streets.
7:17 am
families are tired of feeling this pain and so am i. >> reporter: it comes 2 1/2 months after riots following the death of freddie gray while in police custody. >> the officers characterize the baltimore police department as unprepared politically motivated and uncaring. >> reporter: in a scathing review the police union claims the violence could have been avoided ponting to officers who said they lacked basic riot equipment, training and direction from leadership. >> the cops are going the opposite direction. >> reporter: as protests spiraled ot of control, officers were told not to intervene or wear protective gear. one officer felt like a sitting duck while another said bass led us quote, to slaughter. >> i want to tell you guys that i think i let you guys down. and i say that with a humble
7:18 am
heart. >> a significant percentage of officers are considering retiring or leaving within the next two years. >> reporter: last night batts released a short statement to the "baltimore sun" saying i've been honored to serve the citizens and residents of baltimore and proud to be a police officer for this city. >> chip, thanks. pope francis is in bolivia this morning. the second nation of his south american tour. his motorcade rolled through santa cruz a short time ago. he's celebrating an outdoor mass for a huge crowd in the city center. francis spent a few hours wednesday in the capital la paz. bolivia's socialist president gave him gifts, including a crucifix. he urged him to pucksfix his atmosphere of inequality. a republican warns donald trump to dial it back. ahead what the presidential candidate is say
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there are still unanswered questions surrounding the doctors who treated patients with unnecessary dancer drugs. >> i can't find any justifications to do such a thing from a human being to another human being. i will never find the answer. >> ahead, wi speak with the whistle blower who alerted the feds to the insurance scam. the news is back in the morning right here on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by
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a top nfl defensive lineman
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pays a heavy price for playing with fireworks, good morning, it is 7:26. i'm maria medina. doyle drive in san francisco shuts down tonight at 10:00. the city's main approach to and from the golden gate bridge will re-open monday at 5 a.m. and major bart delays systemwide this morning because of an equipment problem on the tracks. lake merritt fruitvale, coliseum and san leandro stations are closed with no service between those stations. ahead on "cbs this morning," trump on a tear. another company distances itself from the billionaire republican presidential candidate.
7:27 am
good morning, from the "kcbs traffic" center. delays on bart since 4:30 a.m. bart delays blue, green and
7:28 am
orange lines mostly affected. that's fremont lines, dublin- pleasanton line. lake merritt to bay fair completely shut down for an earlier situation on the tracks. there is no service from the oakland airport connector so plan for that if you typically use that to catch a flight. it is causing a trickle effect on the freeways. check it out. northbound 880. look at all the delays on the right-hand side of your screen. that's traffic working through oakland headed towards the maze. lots of sluggish conditions there. also you will see delays southbound 880 through hayward and fremont and south 101, near marsh, that "sig alert" continues. one lane shut down for an injury accident. roberta? >> gianna, i heard you mention flights. we have delays at sfo one hour and 23 minutes on some arriving flights due to this right here it's live, hi-def doppler radar picking up some light precipitation right there across cloverdale all the way into windsor. otherwise out the door this morning, wow! cloudy and foggy heavy drizzle, we are in the 50s and 60s. and later today, with a chance of a
7:29 am
7:30 am
there's a road rage incident right there. >> hey. now's not the time. hey, get back in the car. sit down or you're going to get arrested. both of you grow up. come on boys. move it. everybody's a winner. >> at least they listened to him. a toronto police officer was being interviewed when a road rage erupted on the road below. he quickly told the two men involved to grow up and get back in their cars. did without throwing a single punch. it's still unclear what sparked the confrontation, but look how
7:31 am
close those cars were. there must have been a fender bender there. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up this half hour a michigan doctor could be sentenced for his health insurance scam. we speak to the whistle blower. >> plus should the rebel man retire? there's a rule to change the mascot at an blame school. we'll show you a new debate over slavery issues in the south. that's ahead. first, time to show you this morning's headlines. the"the oregonian" says -- they'll provide on demand birth control and patches. they'll be the first state to require insurers to cover 12-month supplies of birth control. typically only 30 days to 90 days are covered. busy insider says sales of apple watches are tanking.
7:32 am
they're down as much as 90%. customers were buying about 200,000 watches a day in april. now they're about 20,000 a day and sometimes far fewer. "the wall street journal" says microsoft struggled to break into the mobile phone business. ceo sa tia nadella sent an e-mail to microsoft staff. he said the company will write off $7.6 billion in connection with the nokia purchase business. they will also eliminate 7,800 jobs globally. "usa today" says e s p nspn's reporter says pierre-paul had his right finger amputated. he hurt his hand ina fireworks
7:33 am
situation. adam schefter twittered his medical records and he says it was given to him. >> apparent will i the giants didn't even know about it. >> he's getting a lot of flack. >> for tweeting out his records since they're proovt. private. chef jose andre is pulling this comes as the billionaire mogul is getting blunting advice from the head of the republican national committee. julianna goldman is live in washington. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. cbs news has confirm thad reince priebus called donald trump on wednesday to discuss his lengthy rhetoric. he told trump to comments about mexican immigrants but trump is still
7:34 am
doubling down. >> there's nothing apologize for. there's nothing to apologize for. >> reporter: in television interviews wednesday donald trump stood by his claims that the mexican government is shipping drug dealers and the rapist to the united states. >> you wouldn't be hearing about it if it wasn't for donald trump. i want the latino works. aisle pull them to work. >> you have to go back 35 years to tell me about something, i think that's pretty pathetic to be honest with you. you're not bringing up anything new. you're bringing up stuff, you're a naive reporter. get it out. >> i'll get it out. >> don't know if you're going to put this on television but try getting it out. >> reporter: he dismissed conversation about contracts. >> they're weak and they want to be politically correct. >> reporter: trump lost another
7:35 am
big contract whence when they said in a statement the contracts make it impossible for him to move forward with him opening a restaurant in his international upcoming hotel in washington, d.c. i believe that every human being deserved respect regarding their immigration status andres spoke. trump's son wrote back he has no right to terminate his on gachlgts senator marco rubio said trump did not speak for the gop. >> i think voters are capable of distinguishing the rupp party from donald trump and he'll have to respond for his own comments. i strongly disagree. they're inaccurate and offensive. >> reporter: jeb bush said candidates should talk about bigger issues. >> we on that.
7:36 am
he's not swg i doubt who be president and is not kuhn struck turf force for our party. >> reporter: now yesterday trump dismissed the story his patients. some of his 55 victims were never sick. dean reynolds is in detroit and spoke with the whistle blower who discovered the insurance scam. dean, good morning. >> good morning.
7:37 am
fatah's defense attorneys will ask for no more than 25 years in prison. the prosecution is asking for 175. >> did you ask her who diagnosed her disease? >> i think in a very fantastic way, i know who did, yes. i was enraged so i asked the question. >> you were enraged. >> correct. >> reporter: he started working for dr. fatah at his private practice in 2012 and realized something bizarre was going on. >> i discovered a patient receiving treatment without actual diagnosis of cancer. >> but as you looked at her record you saw that there was no cancer. >> when i reviewed that, there was nothing to support the patient had active cancer. >> reporter: after the discovery he alerted the manager who then contacted the feds. fatah was in handcuffs less than a week later. >> how did it feel when you
7:38 am
learn head got arrested. >> i feel very satisfied that at least he th has stopped. i think he's guilty of the most cruel thing a human being can do to another human being. >> reporter: he was on court on wednesday in the same room with a number of his former patients. >> it's looking the people in the eye and telling them you're going need to have this treatment when it was completely unnecessary. >> inn some cases knowing people were untreat by ill and making their last days more painful. >> who's more trusted than a doctor, especially when you get a cancer diagnosis. >> you did not have cancer? >> no. >> who told you you did have >> dr. fatah. >> he went through several rounds of chemotherapy and now needs a lifetime of medicine.
7:39 am
>> he knew he was lying. he gave the drugs to me anyway and i had no knowledge of it and now my life is turned upside down. i can't do anything about it. i don't know how long i'm going to live. >> reporter: now dr. fatah pleaded guilty to 23 counts of health care fraud, conspiracy and money laundering. the married father of three said he did it to collect up to $34 million from insurers. a sentence could be handed down today. vinita? >> that's an upsetting and unbelievable dvr so you can watch us any time. we'll be right back. ofessional golfer have in common? we talked to our doctors about treatment with xarelto®. xarelto® is proven to treat and help reduce the risk of dvt and pe blood clots. xarelto® has also been proven to reduce the risk of stroke
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south carolina's legislature is not the only ones debating. other communities in the south are reconsidering symbols representing the civil war
7:44 am
history. a high school mascot is now part of the debate. mark, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the cry here as you hear behind me has always been go rebels. this is the rebel, the symbol of the rebel man that has always been the symbol for the high school here, the mascot for the high school here and now, of course, there's a great debate. the debate is before the school board whether go rebel must become the rebel image must go. >> let's find a symbol that embodies who we are today, not of who we were in the past. >> reporter: many of these people in this room have thought about themselves as a rebel family while some call it a rebel revolt. >> there's no question in my mind that it's symbols of racism. >> reporter: the rebel man logo is the character of an old south plantation owner.
7:45 am
their mascot is a rebel man civil war soldier and fires up the crowd. karen fontenot is already fired up. >> i do not want my child exposed to a time when she was considered less than human. >> reporter: they moved here for the excellent schools but she wants the rebel man to move out. >> i don't think this is a black or white issue. it's a sensitivity issue. >> when you look at the mascot and school symbols, what do you see? >> i see confederacy, i seeic images of slavery, jim hill. >> reporter: it's affluently white. signs supporting the rebel man are everywhere and teen opponents admit most residents want to keep it. >> it did not in our hearts then or now represent the shameful times of slavery or the racial
7:46 am
issues of the day. >> reporter: to supporters the rebel man represents heritage not hate pride not prejudice. >> there's nothing racist about it. >> reporter: michael o'neill played football here. he agrees the confederate flag should go but not the rebel man. >> the confederate flag with its direct lines to racism, taking that down is drawing a line but when you're starting to dik over a character, you're not drawing lines. you're splitting hairs. >> reporter: in 2010 they replaced the colonel with a black bear. now for vestavia hills, they're wanting change. >> what happens to the rebel man is now up to the local school board and they promise a decision by the end of the month. anthony? >> mark strassmann alabama. stephen colbert is ready for
7:47 am
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for nearly four hours american bankers had no idea how rich they were? we're so fragile. worship me you minions of the worldwide waste line where i have amassed 60 bags of snackable chips. >> comedian stephen colbert says he's prepared for the potential end of days after yesterday's big computer glitches at the new york stock exchange and united airlines. the late-show host showed the
7:52 am
apocalyptic prediction from a well stocked bunker. >> i think he needs to get on tv. all right. former virginia senator jim webb wants to be president. he's right here in studio 57. we'll ask him about hillary clinton and his democratic rivals. you're watching "cbs this morning." people with type 2 diabetes come from all walks of life. if you have high blood sugar ask your doctor about farxiga. it's a different kind of medicine that works by removing some sugar from your body. along with diet and exercise farxiga helps lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. with one pill a day, farxiga helps lower your a1c. and, although it's not a weight-loss or blood-pressure drug farxiga may help you lose weight and may even lower blood pressure when used with certain diabetes medicines.
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make the most of summer... with volvo. good morning. an equipment problem on the bart tracks is causing systemwide delays. there were reports of fire earlier this morning. paramedics treated a couple of passengers with oxygen. and police are looking for suspects in san leandro after a home invasion turned violent. the homeowner is being treated for a gunshot wound after exchanging fire with a suspect. and ahead on "cbs this morning" problems with plastic. new evidence of the health dangers from chemicals in common products. wh
7:57 am
♪ experience the world of hello kitty and friends at the first ever hello kitty super cute friendship festival live entertainment on mupltiple stages interactive character experiences exclusive merchandise, photo ops, animation, fashion and more san rio surprises it's a traveling party that every hello kitty fan won't want to miss see you there. hello kitty supercute friendship festival's only bay area performances this weekend at oracle arena good morning. welcome back. let's update you on the bart delays we have been following all morning. bart says it's going to take at least 2 to 3 hours to restore the service there in that area
7:58 am
and remove the trains. so that's going to take some time for the morning commute to get through this mess. it is causing a trickle effect on the freeways, as well. mostly affecting the fremont line and the dublin-pleasanton line for bart. lake merritt to bay fair still shut down. no service from oakland airport connectors either so plan for that. here's what it's doing to the roadways. northbound 880 completely crawling as you work your way past hegenberger to the maze and, of course, the metering lights are on at the bay bridge. backed up through there. we are also seeing delays on the san mateo bridge. roberta? >> it's our hi-def doppler radar. it is life and it's going to take in light rain showers all morning across the far reaches of the north bay. on highway 101 from cloverdale well into windsor, some light rain showers. we even got lightning strikes earlier. we are cloudy and drizzly along the coast and the bay due to the marine layer. 50s and 60s. looks like our high temperatures today from the 60s at the beaches, 60s bayside, 70s peninsula and inland. chance of a thunderstorm through the day or
7:59 am
8:00 am
snoetd ♪ good morning to our viewers in the west. it is thursday july 9 2015. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there's more real news ahead including questions about chemicals that were supposed to make safer plastics. dr. david agus shows us how they could make children sick. first is a look at today's "eye opener at 8." >> after a long debate, this con confederate flag removed, what many people thought would never happen. a rough wednesday here but then this glitch happened and the exchange ground to a halt. >> so focused on the external attacks that maybe we don't pay attention to the internal systems and that's what happened here. this is what everyone is watching. these patches of green zeros, those are companies that have
8:01 am
suspended trading. commissioner betts had been scheduled to hold a press conference yesterday about his department but when the time came he was nowhere in sight. rnc chairman told him to tone down his comments on immigrants. >> illegal immigrants are causing tremendous problem in terms of crime, in terms of murder, in terms of rape. stephen colbert says he's prepared for the end after yesterday's computer glitches. >> we'll be fine i will lead us. >> the new york stock exchange was shut down for four hours due to a technical glitch. yes, that's a true story. they would have fixed it sooner but unfortunately all the people who know how are here at comic-con. [ cheers and applause ] >> i'm norah o'donnell with rena
8:02 am
ninan. the confederate flag will be lowered trour. it has flon for more than 50 years. >> state legislators voted over overwhelmingly against the flag overnight, following a debate that lasted all day and most of the night. the effort to remove it began less than three weeks ago after nine people were murdered at an historic black church in charleston. three major u.s. organizations hope this will be a quiet date after a series of computer glitchless. several technical glitches forced them to shut down operations. united airlines grounded all flights for nearly two hours when its computer reservation system failed. then the new york stock exchange halted trading for 3 1/2 hours because of computer trouble. the "wall street journal" website went off-line. senator jim webw is the latest to join the presidential race. webb is a decorated veelt nam war veteran, he was secretary of the navy under president ronald
8:03 am
reagan and most recently served one term as a u.s. senator. he jones us now for his first interview since announcing his candidacy last week. good morning, and welcome to the race. >> good morning. thank you. >> off and running. >> nice to be in it. >> i want to ask you about the headlines of the day. we learned that south carolina is removing the confederate flag. are you glad to see it gone? >> i think it's long been due to come down. the confederate battle flag was a battle flag. it assumed a lot of unfortunate races and divisionist overtones durng the civil rights era. we need to look at the complexity of the civil war itself where in john hope franklin's own numbers, most eminent african-american historian, only 5% of whites in the south owned slaves, only 25%
8:04 am
of the whites in the south had anything to do economically while at the same time there were four slave states that remained in the union, missouri kentucky, delaware if you were a young person called to duty this was a very complicated decision to make. we should remember that. >> is this why you didn't call for the immediate removal after the church massacre. >> i did say it did not belong in public places. my concern was this would go beyond the issues of harmony and unity that we want people on the table and into issues that divide us. we've seen a great sense of growth of unity in the american south since the civil rights era. the south has never been white against black, per se. it's always been a small veneer manipulating the emotions of white against black for all these other reasons. we need to look at jobs. we need to look at education, at harmony and bringing people
8:05 am
together. that's what i hope we don't lose with this. >> senator, you don't have a pact and don't want to seem to want to take pac money. how will you be a contender. >> what i said is i don't have a super pac. people can give us $2700 or contribute to a pac at $5,000. with the super pacs, you can write a $27 million check. my point is if that ethically bothers you, don't do it. say you won't directly participate. a lot of these other candidates have actually participated in this action that i think goes against the grain of what we are as a democracy. >> what's your path to victory. how do you run against a juggernaut like hillary clinton's campaign and what's your argument against her being president of the united states? >> i don't have a main argument against anyone who is running. we should put our issues on the tail and let the american people decide. i don't think you needed 2.5
8:06 am
million to become president of the united states. if you're going to get $2.5 million, let people contribute in the right way. i've read citizen's united. it taubs about independence. if you're going to have something like that it should be independent from a political campaign. we're not seeing that. if ethically that bothers you don't say you're going to support a constitutional amendment four years from now. just say you don't want to participate. >> you said you're not against hillary clinton. i want to ask you about a specific comment. you said the u.s. has not had a clear articulation of what american foreign policy is. does that include the time she was secretary of state? >> i believe that since the end of the cold war and particularly since 9/11 we have had a foreign policy based on situational ethics. i've been a strong proponent of how the united states military can connect around the world. we are the guarantor of stability in east asia. i've been talking about this since i was first over there as a marine. i worked as a military planner
8:07 am
in east asia. we led i think fairly -- we led this pivot toward asia in our office, in our senate office two years before -- >> let's talk about specific issues. iran, the president of the unted states said the odds of an iran deal are now less than 50/50. should we be going forward with the deal that secretary kerry is pursuing? >> i am very concerned about any agreement that would acquiesce to the idea that iran would eventually acquire nuclear weapons. we want better relations with iran. i've said this many times over the years. but since the iraq war the fall of the iraq war and the arab spring, iran has been much more active in this region. and we don't want to send the wrong signals to our allies and others in the region that we are acquiescing to a greater power that iran has. i don't see there's a hurry here
8:08 am
with respect to the agreement with iran and i wouldn't want to support any agreement that was acquiescing in their actually acquiring nuclear weapons over time. >> senator webb thank you very much for being with us. good luck on your campaign. >> thank you. good to be here. we're seeing new photos of britain's youngest princess and her extended family. kensington palace released the pictures a few minutes ago taken after princess charlotte's baptism on sunday. one includes the parents, great grandparents and kate's brother and sister. another shows charlotte with her parents and her older brother presence george. the photos were taken by mario testino, one of their favorite photographs. they look like a very happy family. chemicals in every day products could be impacting your family's health? dr. david agus is in our toyota green room
8:09 am
8:10 am
a federal drug bust scoops up thousands of wedding dresses and tuxedos. see how you can get a stunning gown for just a fraction of the regular price. that is ahead on "cbs this morning." a fraction of the price. that's just ahead on "cbs this morning." ok, let's try this online snacking thing again. ugh! rough around the edges. ugh... greaseball... oh! dan n. oikos tasty and healthy. and if i don't love it, it's free? could be the perfect snack! dannon oikos greek nonfat yogurt is creamy and delicious and has 12g of protein and 0 fat. i think i found the perfect snack! seriously, you'll love snacking
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in our "morning rounds" new evidence of the possible health risk from chemicals in plastic. a series of studies look at replacements for potentially harmful compounds thought to be safer, but the alternatives may be just as risky, especially for kids. our dr. david agus is with us. good morning. >> good morning. >> what did the studies find? >> about a decade ago a particular content was pulled from the market. it turned out to increase blood pressure and caused endocrine disruptions in kids. >> talking bpa? >> no this is dimp, they do the
8:15 am
same. made to made plastics softer and now in a study, two separate studies in children, it increased blood pressure association, not causal necessarily, but association. higher efls of these, higher blood pressure and more insulin resistance. the potential is it may be affecting these children. >> we're showing here these are takeout counters that all of us use, any breakfast sandwich is in a container like this takeout. you're saying dimp. >> and didp. >> how did they connect the chemicals with higher blood pressure and insulin resistance? >> they're coating these plastics. what happens is especially when you put it in a microwave, it heats it and goes into some of the food. you eat the food and it goes into your bloodstream. in this study they looked at the urine in kids and found the levels elevated. the higher it was, the higher the blood pressure and the more insulin resistance. so the key is, if you get this
8:16 am
in your takeout food take it and put it into a glass container at home. i know it takes an extra 30 seconds. my kids love the frozen macaroni and cheese. they take it and put it into a bowl and not into the container it came with and put it in the microwave. i know you can't see it on camera there's a triangle there. inside is the number. those numbers correlate to what chemicals that are in it. you want to avoid the ones that have three, six and seven. >> that has the number six. >> there you go. >> the industry basically says these chemicals have been studied, don't migrate out of products. what all should we be avoiding? i went through this purge about six months ago. i don't put it in the dishwasher if it's plastic. what are the takeaway messages. >> three different agencies regulate this, cpsc fda and
8:17 am
epa. there's this notion that they only react when there's a problem. so it's kind of innocent until proven guilty. so that's an issue there. there's not a lot of study before they go into these containers that can affect all of us. we need to be aware of what we put the food inasmuch as possible. don't put in the microwave or into the dishwasher which can make these chemicals leach out. >> good information. dr. david agus, thank you very much. >> thank you guys. america's aging infrastructure becomes a source of inspiration. >> finding new life for transportation's past. coming up on "cbs this morning," i'm chris van cleave we'll take you inside a long abandoned trolley station in washington, d.c. that's about to get a whole new use. >> announcer: cbs "morning rounds" sponsored by purina, your pet, our passion.
8:18 am
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8:21 am
bridges, train tracks, and even tunnels are being reimagined. kris van cleave is underground this morning. kris hello. >> reporter: good morning. this is one of those spaces that few people in washington have been to let alone even know about. take a look down here. you can see these are old street car tracks and this space used to be full of commuters, but it's been empty, abandoned for decades. that's about to change as this
8:22 am
station is poised for a comeback. cue point circle is one of the most vibrant well traveled parts in washington, d.c., and i it has a secret hiding below the surface and out of sight of all those passing by. >> we're walking back in time. >> we are. this space you see looks essentially as it did when it shut down in 1962. he's taking on a private effort to take a part of d.c.'s transportation past and make it a key piece to its future. it's nearly one mile of tunnels allow the street cars to turn around at the end of the line when the street cars stopped running, it went dark. >> what makes this such a unique art space? why use old infrastructure? >> partly because it's a good use for the space itself. this space was designed to hold
8:23 am
large groups for temporary amount of time and given the raw concrete and aspect of it, we think it's a much better place to observe it. >> a spot where people once waited, it could become an art space. new york city's high lines turned an abandoned elevator to the heart of manhattan that's attracting millions of people becoming a model firefighter millions across the country. last month the first phase of chicago's 606 trail opened a park built upon the derelict elevated train line. when completed it will run three miles connecting a network of neighborhoods and parks. in philly there's a space stretching through the city.
8:24 am
dr. constructruthers calls this adopted use. >> fe with can find new ways to reuse them in ways that enhance quality of life. >> reporter: julian hunt founded the group trying to reopen it using $57,000 raised through crowd funding. >> the character of the space lets you know where you are. that's the part i find most appealing. >> reporter: they'll open the east platform first and hope to raise $2 million more and do the west platform that briefly sought life and failed as a food court in the 1990s. >> one is to develop it into a city that's separate from the federal oilk of the city. this is a moment when the city could begin to emerge with an identity of its own. >> organizers hope to have this
8:25 am
space open and operating in september. >> thanks. "glee" ♪ southwest is having a sale because when there's a reunion every cent should go to a killer dress. ♪"never gonna get it" by en vogue ♪ and heels. and a blowout. mani/pedi.
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good morning. we have been adjusting to massive bart delays with extra busy conditions on the roads. the bay bridge, sluggish off the eastshore freeway. metering lights remain on. you're slow coming out of the maze. north 880 through oakland, one of our slower spots all morning. so give yourself some extra time. these bart delays continue. service delays on the blue- green and orange lines and no service between lake merritt and bay fair. that's mostly in the fremont line and the dublin-pleasanton line. the good news is we are hearing it's only going to be about an
8:28 am
hour so hopefully by 9:00. >> good morning, let's head live outside so you get a good feel on what's going on around our microclimates. it's cloudy in san jose. but no reports of any drizzle due to the very deep marine layer that we're looking at. now to the north bay our live hi-def doppler radar is picking up plenty of precipitation anywhere from the cloverdale area into windsor with moderate rainfall around 101 at this time. another view this one at the city by the bay looking towards the golden gate bridge. a slate of gray and heavy drizzle due to the marine layer and then temperatures 50s, 60s. we have mostly cloudy conditions due to an area of low pressure that could provide a thunderstorm today. temperatures are cooler 60s and 70s up to 78 degrees. so there's a chance of a thunderstorm or dry lightning. we have drier air mass on friday. that will lead to warmer conditions over the
8:29 am
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welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, he helped make high school glee clubs cool again. matthew morrison is in our toyota green room. he's enjoying success on broadway. he eat show how david letterman helped deliver his big break. plus one painter's unusual talent led to an unusual art exhibit. you might have to squint to see the result. see how artwork for ants led to more. that's ahead. they struck a deal with two
8:31 am
theater movie chain when a movie is in fewer than 300 theaters. a two-week clock begins before it gets online. historically you'd have to wait at least twice as long before you can watch the movie at home at least 90 days. a photo got thrown into here. you can see ariana grande. she's apparently licking and spitting on the doughnuts. she's also heard saying she hates america. unfortunately for the shop health officials downgraded it one letter. that's because someone saw it. they had a special request so they went back to get the special request. now they lost a letter. >> i don't know. weird story. >> everyone's talking about it.
8:32 am
the video seems to be everywhere. >> she's a big star right now. vladimir putin is ready toed a yoga to his exercise routine. he's done pair glides riding horses huntinging and fishing. frequently photographed without a shird. >> tomorrow an online auction with a wide backstory comes to an end. you won't find it on places. a federal drug bust led to a seedure. jan crawford in washington shows us how one arrest could help many people head down the aisle. good morning. >> good morning. federal law enforcement broke up a drug ring in alaska three months ago. the owner went off to prison. now they have to get rid of the bridal merchandise so they're offering the dresses to the highest bidder.
8:33 am
>> reporter: she's in a market for a wedding dress. when she heard about the auction she decided to come check it out. the starting bid for that dream dress, $46. >> the only difference coming here versus david bridal, you don't have the dress trying on experience but the price is greater. >> the government tracked an alaska store's bridal inventory nearly 4,000 miles to a federal building in downtown atlanta. >> how unusual is it you would be fielding contact toppers, wedding dresses? >> it's the most unusual i've seen in all my career work. >> reporter: when you think of properties seized in drug raids you think of fast cars speed boats, and designer merchandise.
8:34 am
this auction named down the aisle a bridal skprav x trash began za is different. >> maybe they thought a bridal shop was easier to hide their money. >> curious shoppers can browse the lot online. the team is helping bring the production in under budget. these are federal employees moonlighting as weddle models but the atmosphere of a bridal shop has general service officer victoria knotts thinking about saying i do. >> i'll be married 25 years next year and i'm thinking about renewing my vows. >> you still have that atmosphere of oh this is an exciting moment in my life. it gives you that bridal gown experience. >> thank you so much. >> now, those items are worth nearly a half million.
8:35 am
the money that they raise is going to the u.s. marshal service and given to kriek vim strijs and the agencies that help with those raids. norah? >> jane, thank you so much. matthew morrison melted the hearts the of "glee." ♪ now morrison is back on broodway in the newfoundland "finding neverland," the story of how "peter pan" came about. ♪ ♪ now i'm stronger ♪
8:36 am
matthew morrison is here at the table. good morning. >> good morning to you. >> congratulations. it's such a terrific show. >> thank you. that video gets me pumped up. that's my serious moment of the show. come on. get this note out. >> it really does display how great a singer you are. you were such a star on "glee" and now on broadway. how did you know it was time to return to broadway? >> i've about known for a lork time. i didn't have the opportunity. like you said in the clip this is home for me. came to new york as a young man. i went to nyu. and i got my first broadway show when i was 19 years old. i was on "foot loose," white boy break dancer and from there i moved up the ladder and kind of gained success and started getting roles and movies and stuff and then this great tv show came along. >> but this is your first broadway lead and it's a really physical part and you have to
8:37 am
sing 12 songs? >> with a scottish accent. >> yeah. i've done a lot of great roles on broadway but being the leader of the show is so different. i often call my friend melissa white house the lead in "hairspray." it's tough. you're carrying a $50 million show on your shoulder. >> you say your body feels kind of beat up at the moment. >> yeah. i wanted to do everything i could. i started my career as kind of a dancer and stuff and i told the choreographer, let me do anything. but that was my 26-year-old self talking. and i'm 36 now. so it's a little harder. i'm taking ice baths after the show. it's an intense show but i wouldn't change anything. >> when you look at your own career, "glee" was doing so well, even in season six. do you look back and they, maybe
8:38 am
i could have done another season there, or are you happy with the transition? >> i'm happy with the transition. i think the show did everything it could do. it's so great to look back on the show and see the change that it made in this world, especially with what just happened with gay marriage and the supreme court. i feel like "glee" had a big voice of bringing those issues into people's living rooms so they could have a open conversation about it with their family. >> let me ask you. one of your first appearances on tv was with david lit let letterman. can you explain what fresh step is, and it's not kitty litter. >> it's not kitty litter. it was a boy's band. wow, that takes me back. yeah. i was 19 years old. it was a bunch of broadway people. i wasn't on broadway yet.
8:39 am
this is my step into the broadway community because these guys were all in "foot loose," and -- >> very magic mike. >> totally. >> look at that six-pack. >> was the only one not in "foot loose." the choreographer was like you're great, you should audition for the show and that was. >> it what do you owe david letterman? >> i owe him a lot. i've been on his show, i think, three times. as an actor, you know i think that was like the -- one of the highlights of my show was being on his talk show and so glad that i got it in before he left. >> so glad. >> thank you so much. >> very exciting. herpaintings.
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
without much further adieu, give you the derrickek zoolander exhibit for kids who can't read that good. >> what is this?
8:44 am
a center for ants? >> derek zoolander may not appreciate little things but it's brought her international success. lorraine lutz never expected to become a popular artist but it led to a big life change. >> reporter: art lovers gathered to take in tiny portraits. the exhibit best observed with a magnifying glass is called ants in nyc and it's many paintings by south african artists. >> when you see this stretched all around the gallery, what does it present to you? it's weird that you work with them so much you kind of stop seeing them and now just looking at it, it's a very overwhelming feeling.
8:45 am
>> reporter: each piece like this portrait of a hot dog about is the size of a quarter or two south african rands. you must have a steady hand. >> i do. i wasted my life. i should have been a brain surgeon. >> reporter: lutz's career took a different path. the decision to paint something new every day started. >> it started that i didn't want to be an artist. i wanted to do a normal 9 to 5 pay the bills and spend the day finishing one artwork. >> why did you desigh to pate so small? >> it was exactly what i could finish in an hour. the amount i put into a square-inch stays the same no matter how big the painting. if i painted an-inch, it would be an hour of work. >> reporter: the one-hour limit didn't last long.
8:46 am
when she began posting her size on instagram, followers flooded her with requests to buy it. her daily routine went into a second year. >> you have something like 190,000 instagram followers. >> yeah. no pressure. >> do you think of it as pressure? >> not really. i see it as fun. you can't be too serious about something like that. it is my job but if i see it as my job it becomes something different. >> when she started her paintings were selling for about $40. today they go for nearly a thousand. >> i knew that she had traveled to new york and she really loved it there so i wanted to do something new york-inspired. i did the statue of liberty. >> why did you think of doing a picture a day and marking it with a date? >> i'm a very sentimental person and keep a journal. i also love marketing every day
8:47 am
and remembering what you were, remembering what you did and really grasping hold of it and putting it down. >> this date is especially significant. why? >> that's the day we got
8:48 am
askelry designer had seen her artwork and asked for miniature drawings and that's somehow he learned to paint an inch wide and instead of an hour, she spends seven to eight hours. >> it's amazing what she can do. >> love that. great interview. see what happened what ena deejay got bored and sparked outrage in a crowd. you're watching "cbs this morning."
8:49 am
8:50 am
8:51 am
8:52 am
a crowd at a music festival in australia. after work them into it with a beat he cut it with a ballet -- >> i think they don't appreciate it. >> they were probably born after. >> it is one of the '80s classic. >> that does it for us. be sure to tune in to the "cbs evening news with scott pelley." for more news any time watch cbsn on we'll see you tomorrow for more "cbs this morning."
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this is a kpix 5 morning update. >> good morning, time for some news headlines, an equipment problem on the bart tracks is causing system wide delays. there was report of fire earlier, paramedic treatmented a couple passengers -- treated a couple of passengers with oxygen. a home invasion turned violent in san leandro. they exchanged fire. the city's main approach to and from the golden gate bridge will reopen monday at 5:00 a.m., and here's look outside with roberta. good morning. what an interesting morning we have had already. weather-wise, now look at this. this is an amazing view from mount baca where we have low clouds, patchery fog, the --
8:56 am
patchy fog, and the marina is backed up. behind it, serious clouds associated with this. moisture in the form of precipitation. it's been falling from the clover dale area into wind son. scattered showers expected today. with some clouds mix. a chance of an isolated thunderstorm, southwest winds to 20. climbing into 60 avenue to mid-70s in the midland areas, a very mild day. and then with that chance of a thunderstorm existing through the evening hours, we'll start friday off with patchy fog, and drizzle. and then partly cloudy skies. that sets the stage for a warmer weekend. a look at the morning commute up next. it took serena williams years to master the two handed backhand. but only one shot to master the chase mobile app.
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8:58 am
updated on the part situation, delays -- bart situation, delays exist, but all the tastes are now open. things should tart to ease up a bit. expect residual delays, and stations open, but system wide, delays continue. elsewhere, a back up at the bay bridge, slow on the approach to the bay bridge. oakland has the biggest hit because of the bart delays. we're seeing delays as well through the 101 working through the about minutes. have a wonderful -- peninsula
8:59 am
have a wonderful day. ♪ ♪ a broken guitar ♪ ♪ while the rainwater washes away ♪ ♪ who you are ♪ ♪ we go over the mountains ♪ ♪ and under the stars ♪ ♪ we go over the mountains ♪ ♪ and under the stars ♪ [♪♪]
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whoo! jonathan: it's a motorcycle! wayne: is it real? tiffany is a matadora. jonathan: it's a trip to switzerland! wayne: emmy winner cat gray. jonathan: it's diamond earrings. wayne: she did it. - i'm going to take curtain number three. jonathan: it's time for "let's make a deal". now here's tv's big dealer wayne brady. wayne: hey, america. welcome to "let's make a deal." i'm wayne brady. thanks for tuning in. three people, let's go. let's see. in the kimono. nancy in the kimono. let's see. april. april over there on the end. come on over here, april. and last but not least, with the floppy hat and sunglasses. sunglass and floppy hat,. you, come on over here.


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